Webber denies ignoring marshals

Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber has vehemently denied that he ignored the marshals during the recently concluded Singapore Grand Prix. He has mentioned that things are not as being made up to be and he vehemently denies that he was told by the marshals to not walk on the race track during last weekend’s race.

The Australian had to retire during the last lap of the race and was left stranded on Turn Seven of the track before he walked back to the track and took a lift from Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso back to the pit lane. The governing body of Formula 1, the FIA has, however, stated that the race marshals had vehemently warned the Australian to not go back to the track.

However, according to Mark Webber, that was not the case. He posted a tweet on the popular social networking website Twitter recently where he stated that he had had absolutely no interaction with the race officials after the fire in his car was put out.

The Red Bull Racing driver, who will be leaving the team at the end of the season, had to retire from the race after his car ran out of water and the engine caught fire, prompting the marshals to rush to the scene and douse the flames. It was Alonso who stopped his car to give a life to Webber back to the pit lanes and the cars of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton had to weave past his car to avoid hitting it while the Australian jumped onto the side pod.

Both Mark Webber and Alonso were reprimanded by the FIA and because it was the third offense by Webber, he was given a ten grid penalty that will be imposed at the upcoming Korean Grand Prix in a week.