Tost Not Happy With Testing At Europe

Franz Tost, the team principal of Toro Rosso, has expressed discontent with the recent decision to have testing at Europe in 2015. According to him, it’s hurting preps for new F1 season.

A series of drivers- such as world champ Hamilton (Lewis)- have complained regarding low-ambient temperatures which have made it tougher to fare well from running event in Spain. Some of the senior figures from the team are also of the opinion that there is no such benefit in running in cold in comparison to running in higher temperatures that was experienced last year in Bahrain.

Tost stated that he is especially unhappy with this fact that testing has been limited to Europe only on the cost grounds.

“I need to say here that it is really hard to estimate performance of our team or that of others given the extremely low track & ambient temperatures. At races, where it is natural to expect way higher ones, tyre management would be totally different. Personally, I do not prefer tests in Europe in the month of February. You won’t get feedback on every technical topic needed to stay well prepared to ensure a good start of season. The test at Bahrain last year was way useful in comparison to this year’s testing at Europe.,”

Rod Nelson, the chief test & support engineer from Williams stated that Barcelona tends to create unique issues in winter but then he does not feel that it would make the testing completely worthless.

“When it is cloud-free night & it is pretty cold in morning, you would face some issues that you would normally not face in a circuit- the only exceptions are Silverstone and Spa”, he remarked. “Thus, you would need to conduct the things in a different manner with your car- you could go for aero testing right in morning while it’s very cold.”