25 thoughts on “Tom Cruise test drives Red Bull Racing F1 car

  1. i respectfully disagree, the driving wasnt awesome i know about it, and yeah i know what u mean, the thing is when they are pretencious and try to look for attention, i ve seen F1 and racing and all that, for years, since i was a kid, and im a fan of the sport, the engines, all what is formula 1 really, i think celebrities are overrated and people just think n media makes people thing that they arent from this world ad they ´re the same as everybody else, what i dont like is pretention,

  2. He’s not a racer at all. He’s an actor. To have such standards for someone who is not a pro is ridiculous. The only reason I watch celebrities drive those cars is for the entertainment, not to judge them as drivers. Tom’s lap was awesome, even if it wasn’t as fast as Rowan’s.

  3. im not crazy, im just being realistic, the only actor who took it right was rowan atkinson. and that is the proof of a good fast lap. cruise cant drive and he flipped the car cuz he cant do corners he´s a straight line racer and that my friend aint racing.

  4. You’re crazy. Tom’s lap was awesome. He was attacking all the way and almost flipped the car at the end and still set a good time.

    He drove the F1 car but it’s not like he was as fast as DC (except on the straight).

  5. Look, like him or not, he is a man with integrity. He strives to do his best ALL THE TIME. Watch inside the actors studio. He is gracious and supportive and earnest. He is a very intense fellow. I respect him. His religious stuff is not for me though. But, as a person, he is cool.

  6. Everyone always remarks on how quickly Tom Cruise learns whatever they try to teach him, be it cars, rock climbing, samurai swordsmanship, whatever. He’s a brilliant guy. That’s part of why he is where he is.

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