25 thoughts on “The Top 10 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers in History.

  1. How about a video of top 10 drivers that are not in F1 but just as good to make it

  2. Fantastic video.
    But nobody should say driver X is better than driver Y as they have all been the best in their time and several of them have raced against and beaten each other on more than one occasion.
    Championship & race wins do not apply due to different race and championship race lengths.
    They are all the best of their time even if that time was only a year.

  3. Senna is not only a great driver, but a great person, with a great soul. If somebody have doubts, watch the movie Senna, its a documentary about him very nice. In his first time in F1, he impressed everyone…. including alain prost.

  4. Seriously… Why did I got chills on my back when Senna began driving… That guy is a legend!
    For me, always number 1…

  5. This list is well thought out, but I wouldn’t place Alonso there – yet. Also Fangio beat Moss into second place in THREE world champs. Moss never returned the favour. Does Moss deserve to be in the top 10. I personally think that Vettel is better than Moss. He definitely deserves a place here. Spare a thought for the Kiwi drivers also. Bruce McLaren is still going strong – with his cars!!

  6. Andretti was worse than Ronnie Peterson in my opinion since some times, they told ronnie to decelerate and to don’t overtake Mario.
    I will tell you my top 10 of the best all time’s F1 drivers:

    10-Gilles Villeneuve; 9-Stirling Moss; 8-Jack Brabham; 7-Alberto Ascari; 6-Jackie Stewart; 5-Niki Lauda; 4-Alain Prost; 3-Michael Schumacher; 2-Jim Clark; 1-Ayrton Senna.

    If it was a top 15 I would put also Alonso, Alberto Ascari, Hunt, Piquet and maybe Andretti or Mansell.

  7. Shut up. It’s called the ‘Top 10 Greatest drivers’ not ‘top 10 greatest champions.’ This film is about drivers’ skills behind a wheel, not those who may have benefitted from best car & good luck. Moss & Villeneuve had skills, and very bad fortune.

  8. Well, championships aren’t everything in my opinion. I won’t argue with you since we will never change our opinions. And ty for calling me fool. That shows your maturity!


  9. yes but michael is in formule one since 1992 i think and this is 20 years, ayrton was in f1 only 10 so you cant compare them in number of titles, ayrton senna is better than schumacher not only in championships, he is better than michael cause he is human and done excelent things on track and also out

  10. u my friend are what we call a fool gilles is so god dam overrated he only had 1 good race and he finished second. CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE MORE IMPORTANT


  12. i can understand all but i just cannot understand why do you put Fernando Alonso !!! it had better to put Hakkinen !!! pls describe me why Alonso ahead of Vileneuve ???

  13. Learn to spell *won.
    Secondly, Michael Schumacher has been in 20 F1 Seasons. Ayrton, was only in 10. Plus Ayrton’s success doesn’t show how he was better than Michael. Ayrton had 4 seasons with a championship car (1988, 89, 90 & 91) and won three of those seasons.
    Schumacher has had 11 seasons in championship cars (1994, 95, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04 & 06) & won 7 of them. Ayrton’s ratio in championship cars, is better than Michael’s.

  14. Michael schumacher was better than ayrton senna ayrton wone 3 michal one 7 big difference

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