25 thoughts on “Test Driving New Jersey Grand Prix Circuit – Sebastian Vettel 2012

  1. Flat? There’s HUGE elevation change in the proposed circuit. Anyway, If we get a race half as good as this year’s GP in Valencia, this event will be amazing!

  2. I’m glad someone likes it. Variety is the spice of life. In the future however, Valencia will alternate every second year with the Catalunya circuit. Sorry, no Valencia next year.

  3. The course itself is exciting, but this is typical modern television editing, so choppy and distracted that we see virtually nothing but the editor’s concept of himself as artist relating to product placement. Anyone interested in racing wants to see a fixed camera view of the whole lap, filmed from inside the car.

  4. Am I like the only person who thinks Valencia is cool? I’ll admit most of the newer circuits aren’t great (i.e. India, Bahrain, the one in Texas) but I really do like Valencia.

  5. This year the go to Austin. Next year they go to Austin and New Jersey only. Also Canada’s Montreal like normal

  6. Wow, amazing. One day i hope i will be on a f1 circuit like this. i’ve been hoping about this since i was young. lol.

  7. Living next to West New York/Edgewater where the track is I can vouch that the elevation changes will definitely be interesting for the cars. I’m hoping they repave the roads though since they’re not exactly race car ready

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