Former FIA boss warns Formula 1 is going for collapse

Max Mosley, the former boss FIA has offered a grim prognostication of where Formula 1 is going if it does not make significant alterations fast. The former president told that at least half of the grid was confronting financial ruin and the sport was headed for a collapse. He told that the inclusion of a spending cap was very critical.

While speaking to a leading UK based newspaper, he told that half of the teams just could not compete just because they do not have enough money. This is not just right for him. You would not let one team to run a bigger engine than another and yet if one team has 5 times as much money, the effect is just the same. This is not fair from the sporting point of view.

He added that the only way to deal with this is to get everyone to agree. It is possible to sit with all the teams and say that collectively they have got a massive problem because some of you have enough money, but most of you do not and if they go on like this Formula One is going to collapse. Therefore, he is inviting you all to agree to a change. Unfortunately, one could not do it without unanimity. Continue reading “Former FIA boss warns Formula 1 is going for collapse”


McLaren are highly optimistic that they will have a good result at the Chinese Grand Prix. The team principal, Martin Whitmarsh, has said that he is extremely confident of further progress from the team, and he would be disappointed if it does not happen. McLaren had a poor start to the season in the first two races of the campaign. Even though they were in with a shout to win the Malaysian Grand Prix, a poor pitstop for the Brit, Jenson Button, ruined his chances to win the race.

Whitmarsh has said that the team has managed to collect a lot of data from the first two races of the campaign, which will help them make progress at the Chinese Grand Prix. He has also confirmed that the team has been making several experiments over the last few weeks in order to extract even more performance from the car. After losing the former world champion Lewis Hamilton to Mercedes, McLaren rely on the experience from Jenson Button in order to make the car fast.

McLaren said after the Australian Grand Prix that the bumpy nature of the Melbourne circuit was one of the reasons for their inability to show their pace. Whitmarsh expects McLaren to take advantage of the modern race tracks at China and Bahrain in the upcoming races.

“We’ve got some good data and I think we’ve now got an opportunity to go out there and improve upon it. We know what we had [in Malaysia] isn’t optimal for various reasons. We did some experiments, it responded to those experiments and I would be very disappointed if we don’t take another step in China and that’s what we’re going to do. Yeah, but we’ve got to get better; a good race car has got to be good on bumps or any kind of a circuit so we’ve just got to improve the car,” said Whitmarsh.