Grosjean not taking Lotus F1 seat for granted

Lotus F1 driver Romain Grosjean has stated that he doesn’t want to do any talking and wants to show his worth on the track behind the wheels as he fights to remain at the team for the 2014 season.

It was announced a few days back that the team’s first choice driver Kimi Raikkonen would be leaving at the end of the present season to rejoin Scuderia Ferrari for the 2014 season and partner Fernando Alonso and team principal Eric Boulier has stated that he is already in talks with several drivers as possible replacement for the Finn.

The departure of the Finn, in hindsight, should have strengthened the position of the Frenchman at Lotus F1 with the team eager to maintain some sort of consistency to back up the good work they have done with their car but he insisted that he intends to prove on the track all that he can that he deserves the shot to carry on.

Speaking to journalists, Romain Grosjean stated that he is firmly focused on the remainder of the season and do the best job he can on the tracks so that the team understands his true value. He also admitted that although there have been several movements in the driver market recently; he hasn’t been affected by it one bit.

He stated that there are still some fantastic races to look forward to and mentioned that it will be a busy couple of months and he mentioned that he will be doing the best job possible to ensure the team finishes the season strongly and the team is given their due at the end of the season.

Although Romain Grosjean has struggled for some time in recent races, since Germany, he has been a new man and is hopeful of a clear shot at number one.