Toro Rosso team principal, Franz Tost believes Formula 1 should introduce eRaces on the Sunday morning of grand prix weekends.

The need for F1 to improve the show has been in motion for long; some success has been recorded, for example the 2016’s controversial revamped qualifying format and subsequent U-turn.

Tost strongly believes some similar initiatives should be included into the Sunday schedules to increase interest in F1 and attract a wider audience.

He noted:

“We must improve the show itself, we must bring in the young peoples’ interest, for example with E-games. Why not have Sunday morning an eGame with a big broadcast where people worldwide are involved to increase the interest? The eGame would work simply in that there’s a game and companies would be involved in eGames and say look.”

He went further to say that the events held in Abu Dhabi featured exhibitions from several countries and it brought more diversity to the sport. He believed that not a lot of young people were interested in the sport and other ways can be used to bring them to formula 1. Continue reading “TOST BELIEVES THAT FORMULA 1 SHOULD HAVE eRACES.”

Ecclestone not ready to allow Wolff ‘kill’ F1

Bernie Ecclestone has echoed Max Mosleys concerning fearing the survival of formula one. Mosley, the former FIA president, was a famous close ally of Bernie Ecclestone till his reign end in 2009 Earlier this week, he warned that the sport is in a real threat and it may collapse of necessary measures are not taken.

Now, speaking to a German newspaper, F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone told that he would not watch Formula 1 finished itself because few people made a mistake. The 84 year old, who looks F1 to revert to their V8 powered engine days, sees the brand new turbo V6 engine regulations as the biggest platform. He added that the fans want the volume, the teams want the low cost, and even the racing was better.

But as Max earlier pointed out, there could be no alterations unless every team agrees unanimously and that is a difficult thing to happen.

Toto Wolff, of Mercedes, told that for them, the current technology is an important part of their involvement. Their marketing strategy aims on the hybrid technology of formula 1. He added that the situation is not that bad. Ferrari has caught up. Of course, they are still the benchmark but the others are coming closer. Continue reading “Ecclestone not ready to allow Wolff ‘kill’ F1”