The boss of Hass Formula 1 Gunther Steiner says the top three teams enjoy a significant advantage that he does not expect to change this year. He wants a change but adds that it would not happen anytime soon.

The pre-season test witnessed the top sides Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull ahead of the rest of the pack. The same thing happened in the opening races so far.

“The midfield teams are pretty close together, but yes, there is a significant gap to the big three. The big teams, especially Mercedes and Ferrari, I think Red Bull is a bit behind, are pretty much ahead of the rest. Will that change? I hope so, but my fear is that it will stay that way for the whole season,” he said, expressing concern.

In the race in Australia and China, the top three teams were at least 1.8s ahead of the pack during qualification. In Bahrain, NicoHulkenberg managed to be one second behind. Continue reading “GUNTHER EXPECTS NO CHANGE IN 2017 AS TOP THREE EDGE OTHERS OUT”


Toro Rosso team principal, Franz Tost believes Formula 1 should introduce eRaces on the Sunday morning of grand prix weekends.

The need for F1 to improve the show has been in motion for long; some success has been recorded, for example the 2016’s controversial revamped qualifying format and subsequent U-turn.

Tost strongly believes some similar initiatives should be included into the Sunday schedules to increase interest in F1 and attract a wider audience.

He noted:

“We must improve the show itself, we must bring in the young peoples’ interest, for example with E-games. Why not have Sunday morning an eGame with a big broadcast where people worldwide are involved to increase the interest? The eGame would work simply in that there’s a game and companies would be involved in eGames and say look.”

He went further to say that the events held in Abu Dhabi featured exhibitions from several countries and it brought more diversity to the sport. He believed that not a lot of young people were interested in the sport and other ways can be used to bring them to formula 1. Continue reading “TOST BELIEVES THAT FORMULA 1 SHOULD HAVE eRACES.”

Alonso Talks About Rule Changes

There have been certain rule changes that have been incorporated by F1.

Based on these changes Fernando has asked for more consistency in certain matters. The Spaniard feels that the changes that are being proposed will make it hard for the fans that follow the different racing events. Alonso made the call after more changes were brought in ahead of the last German Grand Prix event.

There was a strategy group meeting that was held when there were certain restrictions lifted from tea radio communication. Qualifying sessions were also stopped in instances where double yellow flags are raised. These changes were introduced after the controversy that arose regarding the pole position of Nico Rosberg at the GP event in Hungary. Alonso stated that the constant changes being introduced into the rules make it confusing for fans that follow the sport. Continue reading “Alonso Talks About Rule Changes”