25 thoughts on “Ski Jumper Drives F1 – Red Bull’s Thomas Morgenstern Learns To Drive a Formula 1 Car

  1. What are you´╗┐ talking about? Thomas Morgenstern is a professional SKI jumper, not a sky jumper…he is quite popular in Austria. ­čśë

  2. so to get´╗┐ a drive in an F1 car i just have to throw myself out of a plane? because i’d be happy to do that….

  3. you can drive´╗┐ an f1 car, I mean anyone can if anyone was to get inside but driving fast is a whole different story.

  4. Now , the next episode will be : Portuguese salesperson from´╗┐ Renault Lisbon , gets the chance of a lifetime and will be coached by David Coulthard to get behind the wheel of Red Bull F1 Car …. I┬┤m waiting to be hearing from you lot at Red Bull …

  5. “it was spectacular! especially speeding up, breaking and´╗┐ taking turns.” that is everything?

  6. Haha great that you have seen the same video as me. Yeah that was what bothered´╗┐ me a bit.

  7. ..und wann gibt es den´╗┐ David Coulthard am Kulm ??
    PS.: Die Rundenzeit vom Thomas Morgenstern w├╝rde mich brennend interressieren ? Eine Angabe: Zeit von Sebastian Vettel mal siebzehn-komma-drei w├╝rde reichen .. .. oder war er schneller ?

  8. Red Bull, how about “hugely´╗┐ enthusiastic motorsport fan drives F1 car at Spa-Francorchamps? Too predictable?

  9. all it showed was him going about 50mph in 1 corner and the rest was straights
    if´╗┐ your comparing to other examples like Richard Hammond then it my just be high lights
    and cutting a stall and a spin here and there

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