Senna Piques To 6th

Good news for Senna fans- post a bad start from the grid back at Punta Este ePrix, the leading Brazilian driver has stormed to a great 6th position reminding once again of his stellar caliber.

Senna showed up with a truly brilliant attack at the standings, taking 6th at flag & grabbing first points at Formula E. His team-mate Chandhok (Karun) had a way challenging race where he finished at 13th as Renault-Spark’s low energy took toll.

The race started very smooth with sand complaints less formidable in comparison to what was expected & the entire grid went away clean as the Brazilian racer focused to pounce.

The man was quite a huge mover in opening corners & made way quickly up to 17th place, with Karun in the 9th. However, a sloth moving Audi ABT (Daniel Abt) and Sam Bird (Virgin Racing) hitting wall altered the race whilst the safety vehicle was right on track- the safety car had to get back to the course very soon to pi8ck up Amlin Aquri from Felix Costa.

Now came Karun’s troubled turn as the racer hit on a kerb that damaged his steam & compelled him to take another wheel earlier than what was expected

It was then Chandhok’s turn for trouble, as he hit a kerb which damaged his car, and forced him into the pits to change into his second car earlier than expected.

“I caught that kerb by the turn of 14-15 chicane that damaged my vehicle & I was not the sole one to do it”, stated Karun.

“I just did it some laps prior to pit stop that was quite an issue during race. The squad performed quite a terrific pit stop.”

Senna, had a comparatively better luck this time and had just a light brush with wall.