24 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel Drives New Jersey Formula One Circuit – Official Video

  1. To be honest I don’t see Austin being used for that many years. Austin has already booked V8 Supercars, MotoGP and ALMS for next year and Bernie has always wanted a race in NYC. I could see Austin being dropped in favor of this course.

  2. Hopefully America will have a bunch of new fans in coming years. Getting 2 major markets like NY and Texas were both good calls.
    Staying in Indy, the sport would probably never grow here. With new, drastically more exciting venues and commitment from f1 to be in the US, it’s gonna be a golden age.

  3. Dubbed at the end (2:07) “to see how it feels in a Formula 1 car” looks like he actually said “to see how it feels in a proper car”

  4. oo thanks dude for telling me this, i didnt know cuz Valencia is called europian GP so i thought it was somewhere else

  5. dude i dont think so man, no country gets 2 races, they’re gonna switch to this track instead of austin

  6. Do you remember when it used to be up at Walkins Glen ?
    Now next year for first time in awhile USA will have 2 races for the F1 Series ( Nice !! )

  7. It probably won’t go ahead unless another grand prix was kicked out of the calender. Which one would that be?

  8. This is going to be a fantastic race track!
    Great to see Vettel, Red Bull Racing, and Infiniti in New Jersey.

  9. Do not get me wrong Vettel is great and all. Just it would have been way cooler to have seen Kimi Raikkonen throw a car around the New Jersey streets. Nice addition to next years calendar.

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