23 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel Becomes First Formula One Star to Drive the New Jersey Circuit

  1. Guys look up the GTA 2 theme, (with the soundbytes from the game in the beginning and end, about 2 minutes long) and play that song while watching this … it works SO WELL.

  2. I hope they correct this and upload a proper version instead of this. On the positive side, there wasn’t a crappy dubstep soundtrack added – sometimes you could actually hear the engine of the car.

  3. I’m so excited, I live in PA, and I really hope I could get tickets. Looks AWESOME.

  4. Its gonna be a huge event and the value of the property lining the circuit will go thru the roof.
    The residents have noooOOOOOOO idea just how loud its gonna be, there will certainly be many haters towards the event but the greater majority will absolutely love the sounds glitz and glamour of the event, which always draw the rich and famous. the hudson will be filled with expensive Yachts, and the surrounding marketplace and stores will be swamped with customers.

  5. Man!! i wish i would have known that they were doing a promo, I live in so jersey i was off monday, i could have been there im only 1hr 30min away, i cant wait to see it in 2013 is going to be good like a new jersey Monaco.

  6. C’mon, it would have been much better – and really exciting for the crowd and publicity – if he actually drove an F1 car as well (albeit at reduced speeds) for this press event.

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