24 thoughts on “Red Bull Racing & David Coulthard in New Jersey & New York

  1. 3:43 Are you serious?? No really, SERIOUSLY!! LMAO

    That car sings better than some celebrates doing the anthem!

  2. I’m going to hate the bandwagon fans. I’m not going to let them ruin my first F1 race experience. Btw i was working when redbull came.

  3. I agree with (rcampore). I live in West New York and no one around here knows about F1. I talk to my friends about F1 but its sad that they don’t understand.

  4. this was for the commercial.. look up grand prix of america.. or west ny/nj its in June 2013

  5. That kind of speed in a road car is mighty quick and dangerous….may i ask what car you were driving?

  6. I live in the town the test was run and no one knew about it. It was not advertised so that’s why you don’t see people there. It was also in the middle of the work day. They are doing the F1 race next June here and believe me, there will be about 100,000 people there easily

  7. not me buddy, i did 190 through the Lincoln tunnel before!! i guess thats just a benifit of living in edgewater i can do it every night and keep going faster lol
    but cool vid i can not wait for the races to come to NJ!

  8. They did not promote the event, believe me that more people would have shown up. That is one of the most densly populated areas in the world. Also I watched other videos of similar demonstrations in Copenhagen & other European cities and guess what, there was nobody there either. They obviously do not promote these events as well as they should.

  9. You wanna know why no one was around?….. Its because they didnt tell anyone it was going to happen. people arnt going to show up when you dont tell them about it. Thats also what happen in Austin Texas when they did the demo there. They put out a date and time and then said it was canceled and then the next day they got the OK to do it and by that point no one knew it was happening. If the word got out it was going to happen there would have been 1000’s of people there!

  10. “I was disappointed we couldn’t go faster, we only managed to do 190mph” Gotta love DC!!

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