23 thoughts on “PURE Ferrari Formula 1 V8 SOUND

  1. Check out my Aston Martin DBS Volante filmed with my GoPro HD Hero 2 here at my channel! Some very nice sounds from the 6.0 V12 🙂

  2. nice man great sound on myn channel you can see the f1 at spa mayby you can take a look thanks :))

  3. Awesome video man! The sound is amazing. Love the V8s, but the V10s are to die for. haha

  4. v8 sounds good but well never sound as goo as the v10s those had the perfect exhaust note and always sounded like they wanted to explode

  5. Well, some of the people that works in the various car rentals said that was Alonso. You can see in some scenes of the video his helmet. But watching the other scenes of the video you can see that the car was driven also by someone else.

  6. Yes, it’s what I like to do. But in this way the video could be a bit boring for some people

  7. Me encanta el sonido del Ferrari F2012, es muy claro y limpio el sonido, pero lo siento, prefiero un V10

  8. While other children sleep with teddy bears, young Bozzy used to sleep hugging a gallon of racing fuel.

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