Former FIA boss warns Formula 1 is going for collapse

Max Mosley, the former boss FIA has offered a grim prognostication of where Formula 1 is going if it does not make significant alterations fast. The former president told that at least half of the grid was confronting financial ruin and the sport was headed for a collapse. He told that the inclusion of a spending cap was very critical.

While speaking to a leading UK based newspaper, he told that half of the teams just could not compete just because they do not have enough money. This is not just right for him. You would not let one team to run a bigger engine than another and yet if one team has 5 times as much money, the effect is just the same. This is not fair from the sporting point of view.

He added that the only way to deal with this is to get everyone to agree. It is possible to sit with all the teams and say that collectively they have got a massive problem because some of you have enough money, but most of you do not and if they go on like this Formula One is going to collapse. Therefore, he is inviting you all to agree to a change. Unfortunately, one could not do it without unanimity. Continue reading “Former FIA boss warns Formula 1 is going for collapse”

Tost Not Happy With Testing At Europe

Franz Tost, the team principal of Toro Rosso, has expressed discontent with the recent decision to have testing at Europe in 2015. According to him, it’s hurting preps for new F1 season.

A series of drivers- such as world champ Hamilton (Lewis)- have complained regarding low-ambient temperatures which have made it tougher to fare well from running event in Spain. Some of the senior figures from the team are also of the opinion that there is no such benefit in running in cold in comparison to running in higher temperatures that was experienced last year in Bahrain.

Tost stated that he is especially unhappy with this fact that testing has been limited to Europe only on the cost grounds.

“I need to say here that it is really hard to estimate performance of our team or that of others given the extremely low track & ambient temperatures. At races, where it is natural to expect way higher ones, tyre management would be totally different. Personally, I do not prefer tests in Europe in the month of February. You won’t get feedback on every technical topic needed to stay well prepared to ensure a good start of season. The test at Bahrain last year was way useful in comparison to this year’s testing at Europe.,” Continue reading “Tost Not Happy With Testing At Europe”

Senna Piques To 6th

Good news for Senna fans- post a bad start from the grid back at Punta Este ePrix, the leading Brazilian driver has stormed to a great 6th position reminding once again of his stellar caliber.

Senna showed up with a truly brilliant attack at the standings, taking 6th at flag & grabbing first points at Formula E. His team-mate Chandhok (Karun) had a way challenging race where he finished at 13th as Renault-Spark’s low energy took toll.

The race started very smooth with sand complaints less formidable in comparison to what was expected & the entire grid went away clean as the Brazilian racer focused to pounce. Continue reading “Senna Piques To 6th”

Ricciardo understands Vettel’s decision

Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo feels that Sebastian Vettel needed a new challenge and that was the driving force behind his decision to quit the team for a new challenge at the end of the season.

The Austria based team recently announced that the German driver, who was the driving force behind their four consecutive Formula One Constructors’ Championships, will be leaving the team at the end of the season with Daniil Kyvat being promoted to take his place from development side Toro Rosso.

Although the team did not reveal where the 26 year old would go, team principal Christian Horner later revealed that he already has a deal in place with Ferrari and would link up with the team at the end of the season.

And the Australian rookie, who was promoted to Red Bull Racing this season to replace the veteran Mark Webber, said that the first time the news was broken to him, he hardly felt any surprise. He added that he had expected him to leave and so he wasn’t that shocked when Vettel made the announcement.

Ricciardo said that the way he sees it, Vettel gave Red Bull Racing his all, winning four Formula One Drivers’ Championship as he led the team to the Constructors’ Championship as well and he has got an opportunity to test himself elsewhere and he took that opportunity.

The Aussie said that Vettel perhaps wanted a stern challenge before he got too old for the sport and maybe he felt the time was right to leave.

Ricciardo has been the dominant driver for the team this season but he knows Vettel would love to leave the team on a high note and believes he will be pushing him to the limit in the last three races of the season.