25 thoughts on “Nico Rosberg explains his driving position

  1. LoL Don’t feel stupid, just learn something new everyday. Spare tires are only made to handle 35 mph or less. Just like any other racing circuits out there, that is why you have a pit crew. They handle the dirty work so that way the driver isn’t risking any injury, plus it gets done faster. I mean I can change a tire pretty quickly, but still takes me longer than 5 mins. These guys train to do everything in seconds, cause that’s what racing is all about, shaving seconds off your time.

  2. haha I feel stupid now! Yeah, of course they need a spare tyre. Still, I think they should perhaps use a skinny one like I have in my car.

  3. I hope you were kidding. I don’t even follow formula car racing, and I knew that they only used the tire to prop up the seat to show you the drivers position as if in car. Take a look at the car, where else would they put the engine? Its definitely not going to be a rotary engine, and honestly, only one place they can even fit it. Would be located right behind the driver in case you didn’t realize. An extra tire? I guess the driver is suppose to jump out and change a flat.

  4. Jeremy Clarkson: ”You just lie down, turn the wheel and if you wanna win go little bit faster than the others”

  5. As high-tech as F1 is, I’m amazed to see that they use a tyre to prop up the seat. That space could be used to carry extra diesel!

  6. If you have ever worn 6 points race belts you know that you dont have to drive in Formula One to learn this.

    Tight 3″ wide belts over your crotch will teach you a new sensation when you have to pee, especially if you are female.

  7. O que acontece se ele sentir uma baita coceira na sola do pé?
    What happens if he felt itching on the soles of foot?

  8. I’ll be honest and say i won’t earn millions lying down…….well maybe not yet, but the irony is i am earning whilst lying on my A S S right now apple sauce bitch!

  9. Das ist ja noch krasser als ich dachte ! Jetzt hab ich noch mehr Respekt vor den Piloten als vorher schon

  10. So when I am laying in front of my TV playing forza, looking like a lazy gamer, I am in fact in proper driving position? Cool! 😛
    Hmm I should but a pillow under my legs though. lol

  11. Not necessarily. Notice at 2:15, when he is driving out of the garage, the front of the car going away from the cockpit opening rises. So, his feet can be as high as he says.

  12. Why didn’t anyone tell me you can earn millions just by lying down…….education my ass

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