Nick Heidfeld And Mahindra Racing

Nick Heidfield has been part of the Formula E team of Mahindra in India.

He and Bruno Senna had been signed on for season two for Force India. They had finished fifth for the second season. The line-up of drivers for the upcoming season remains to be confirmed.

A livery contest has been launched by Mahindra for the season three of the Indian Formula One and the car is the main highlight of the contest. Mahindra Racing has invited several fans of the racing event to submit designs of the livery of the car for Formula E. It is part of the proceedings being lined up for season three. The Indian squad for the automobile company has teamed up with a design house from Italy, Pininfarina. They have opened up the competition for the design. Fans are being asked to submit the livery versions of the car that would be launched for the 2016-17 season. It is named M3Electro.

The entries that are being submitted would be judged by the Italian design house’s in-house team. The chief designer of the team would choose the livery that would seem to be the winning one. The winner whose design gets accepted would be taken to spend a day at the design headquarters of the company in Turin, Italy. The contest would stay open till August 10th. The details of the contest are made available on the Mahindra Racing website. The main aim of the contest is to get the fans more involved in the races and the cars. Fans of the Mahindra Racing team should feel as if they are part of the team which would include their passion and drive. It is necessary in order to build an enthusiasm for the sport in a country that has started recently in this arena.