24 thoughts on “New Formula One Car Release – RB8 – Red Bull Racing 2012

  1. I love how everyone attributes the hidious nose to the regulations, I guess mclaren doesn’t have to follow the new rule…wait yes they do. Turns out their Engineers/Designers are the only ones that are not visually impared.
    This car is a 100 footer. Absolutely gorgious from a distance. The closer and closer you get, the more and more you fixate on its imperfection and the smaller and smaller your bulge gets.

  2. OMG, well the design of the car is question of taste, and more importantly, a question of F1 regulations.
    But the Vid Presenation sucks … I haven’t seen such an unprofessional video for a while! The hearbeat that should excite me, does the opposit, it really annoys me… terrible!!! Last years presentation was much cleaner and more appealing-
    All the besz for 2012 Sebastian

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