25 thoughts on “Momentum – Mark Webber Part 2 – Formula One – Episode 6

  1. 6:55 “50 words in fifty minutes” Seems like this Thialand “God” King isnt a very smart man !! I feel so sorry for what these F1 drivers have to go through and the way that theyre forced to deal with the many rigmorale BULLSHIT cultures of our ridiculous planet !! If reilgion never exhisted, we would be able to do anything scientifcially imaginable !!!

  2. well what response were you expecting?

    The reason why they put the dry ice in there for a street run is because the car doesn’t get up to a fast enough speed to force enough air into the radiators to cool the car down, so they cool the incoming air down to keep the engine from overheating

  3. Mark Webber didn’t see the king of Thailand, the king of Thailand saw Mark Webber

    we love THAILAND

  5. Modern day king of Monaco. Mark will always be a champion regardless of whether he gets a title or not. He’s just that kind of a driver/person.

  6. I would like to see Webber as a world champion this year, he is a good driver and a good person…

  7. Love his no bullshit attitude, so good to see it these days with all athletes now being so PC its painful.

  8. So you’re telling me your a mentally challenged 10 years old? Heh I’m sorry buddy, I couldn’t know. Have a good day!

  9. No, just another week of mentally challenged 10 year olds commenting on videos and attempting to make 6th grade period jokes in reply to somone who used caps lock on their comment.

  10. STFU, how can you not seriously understand that that shit is fucking stupid and annoying. I just don’t understand how there are people who don’t understand that… GET A FUCKIN LIFE IF YOU’RE GONA BITCH ABOUT BEING FIRST.

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