24 thoughts on “Melbourne F1 2013 speed comparison

  1. It depends on the driver. In 1988 i think, Ayrton Senna done a similar test
    in where he waited 1:00 minute to catch a standard economy car, and a Honda
    NSX leaving 0:30 seconds after the economy car and before Senna. Well,
    Senna caught both cars in under a minute after the first left and finished
    20 seconds before the NSX who was ahead of the economy car.

    Just saying. It all depends on the driver.

  2. I do hate the sound of v6 in f1 cars. But v6 are amazing engines. In today
    cars u dont see them as often now. They r lighter, and more fuel efficient
    but offer the power THAT people need on road

  3. *+Formula 1** Car v/s **+V8 Supercars** v/s **+Mercedes-Benz** AMG SL63*

    *Witness the speed comparison between Mick Doohan (**+Mercedes-Benz** AMG
    SL63), Casey Stoner (**+V8 Supercars**) and David Coulthard (**+Formula 1** car)
    staged at last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.*

    #F1 #Formula1 #V8SuperCars #MercedesBenz #Racing 

  4. Mick Doohan, Casey Stoner and David Coulthard race each other at the
    Melbourne GP, in very different vehicles.

  5. For those that don’t agree I’ll put it in perspective for you. The Vayron
    SS would spank the SL63 and would be a tough race in a 1 laper with the V8
    supercar only because of the straight line acceleration of the SS. The
    Venom GT for example out handles The VayronSS BY FAR, and the Venom GT out
    accelerates the VeyronSS to any speed. The Vayron SS 0-200 mph in the 22
    second range. The Venom 0-200 mph in the 14 second range!!

  6. Nothing can touch an F1 car . The 14′ cars are still slower than the 13’s
    but that will soon change. No V12 supercar, or V12 F1 car is beating a 2013
    RBR F1 car . Look at the lap times. There are some lap records still from
    04 even they ran v10’s but a lot of that is because of the aero set ups
    that year. The FIA has been battling increasing speeds for years by
    reducing downforce, engine size etc. if u look at lap times from the all
    mighty turbo era, and or the era where teams ran v12’s the modern F1 cars
    are still quicker … 

  7. Would have loved to do this in my Nissan Micra with an 7.0L Hemi. I think I
    could set off between the F1 and the V8 and still win.

  8. Kilowatts is an electrical measurement and has no place in describing power
    output in an inter nap combustion engine. HORSEPOWER!

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