25 thoughts on “McLaren MP4-12C: Designed From Formula 1 – SHAKEDOWN

  1. Hey Leo – the New York Region SCCA has Autocross events at Nassau Coliseum – I’m sure it’s not far from the Drive offices.
    Sunday April 22, 2012
    Sunday May 6, 2012
    Saturday June 16, 2012
    Saturday July 7, 2012
    Sunday July 22, 2012**Tentative**
    Sunday August 19, 2012
    Sunday September 16, 2012
    Saturday October 27, 2012
    Sunday October 28, 2012

    Google “NYR-SCCA” for their site.

  2. I’ll give you a quick little tip, because I like where you guys are going with this Drive project: Keep the politics out of motoring. I know you felt like you couldn’t pass up the Santorum comment (I’m not defending him either) but it’s a little distracting and an unnecessary break from the flow of the dialogue. Besides, you want Drive to stand the test of time on YouTube and long after Santorum loses the nomination, you don’t want viewers jumping off to Wikipedia to find out who Santorum is.

  3. It would be great to see some coverage from the best touring car series of the world, the Australian V8 Supercars. And these words come from a German who is tired of watching marketing and sports politics aka DTM instead of real motorsport in this segment.

    @Leo: Fantastic enthusiasm and passion.

  4. 50% of the travel in the suspension of a modern day F1 car comes from the flex in the the sidewall of the tyres. True story.

  5. computer controlled suspension will never take over spring and shocks imo . . . this will be more like the Vinyl vs CD comparison

  6. terrible santorum joke. the guy was blowing in the front, now if he had been sucking in the back…

  7. Great video @LeoParente. Really enjoyed it.

    You might interesting the fact that the racing version of the MP4-12C, the aptly named MP4-12C GT3, has a conventional suspension set up, not the road car’s hydraulic one. It also has a 100hp less and a 6 speed sequential instead of the 7 speed dual clutch on the road version.

    Why don’t they allow dual clutch boxes in GT racing anyway?

    You should also consider covering the GT3 European Championship and GT1 World Championship, great series’!

  8. I am very interested in details, a holistic apporach in pretty much everything but your relentless pace makes it hard to keep up. As someone else said here, blink for a second/let your mind wander for a tiny bit and your immediately OTB.

    I`ll leave the fireballs and explosions to the TG-live audience…

  9. YOU do NOT want to hear the rambling unfiltered unplanned thoughts that course though my mind! NYC puts crazy people on every subway car to give you that experience.

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