23 thoughts on “McLaren Animation (Tooned) – Episode 01 (Wheel Nuts )

  1. Full credit to lewis and jenson for giving something back to the fans in their down time between races rather than just sitting in their nice houses doing nought keep it up guys cant wait for the next installment next weekend. 🙂

  2. Properly funny dont get how someone could say this proves their robots cause they have a sense of humor and definately not sure how kimi could be described as anything else than a robot as he is calculating and without emotion (LIKE A ROBOT) liked the quip at the fia with the rockets over the whole continuing “make racing more exciting for the fans”. I think F1 is every bit as good as it was in the 90’s in fact probably better as its not a procession behind schumacher lol.

  3. Anyone see what happens at 1:10?

    a thief behind the piller…. (was that meant to be Fararri?)

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  5. woah, stop bullying it’s mean and stop being sexist!
    a) more than 2642 people like this i don’t think they will all be women and 8 year olds
    b) what do you have against 8 year olds? thats a bit harsh targating them
    c)if you really didn’t like it you shouldn’t have wasted your preferred time watching it then thinking of and writing up a complaint about it

  6. Ooh the irony. You are CLUELESS. They are robots doing this. CLUESS YOU ARE. You just DONT GET IT. Robots do what there told.
    If Kimi (Who is a real man and real F1 driver, would have told them to fuck off) Kimi aint a robot.

  7. Haha love it, credit to Lewis, JB and McLaren for doing this, can’t wait for the other 11 episodes!

  8. They had to hand the trophy over to Ferrari after Hamilton was demoted to 3rd. Someone said that it’s Massa’s dad, not a bad guess haha 😛

  9. Lighten up, it’s just a bit of fun. This shows that McLaren aren’t robots at all.

  10. hahahaha that was actually really good! its a totally accurate story of mclarens season this year

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