24 thoughts on “Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon – Behind the Scenes

  1. To be fair, freedom of speech and all that? People can surely post on YouTube whatever they want to post? I don’t understand why the channel doesn’t accept profanity…what a joke :/ anyway, on the up-side, Seb is awesome.

  2. Celina’s very beautiful and Seb was doing great job! Lovess both of them, looove redbull ♥

  3. Would never have thought an F1 driver doing something like this! Looking forward to seeing the final version!

  4. Was anyone concerned about Seb hurting himself from this when the GP was just around the corner?

  5. The uploader mentioned not to use profanities of any kind, but you still go ahead and do it, Omar. This is why Muslims will always be Muslims. Try to change with the world and the world will accept you.

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