25 thoughts on “Kimi Raikkonen Funny Team Radio & Interview | F1 Abu Dhabi |

  1. No jos suoraan kääntää, mutta yleisesti ottaen tuskin puhutellaan “mulkkuja” dickeiksi vaan kyllä ne on persreikiä =D

  2. Heikki, while he’s far from boring, is one of those rare Finns who can talk your ears off so he would probably have started reading every little figure on his screen back to the engineer and kept him updated all the time until the engineer finally had enough and reacted like Kimi. 🙂

  3. Lucky Rob Smedley isn’t his engineer, Kimi would kill him lol. Gotta like the guy. Swears on the podium, then struts around the paddock straight after the race in an Islamic country with a bottle of beer in his hand. I’m pretty sure when he won the ghost of James Hunt was standing to the side nodding in approval like Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin at the end of Return Of The Jedi LOL.

  4. Kimi and his race engineer seem to have such a close relationship. I wonder if they’ll celebrate Christmas together.

  5. “Last time you guys who were giving me shit because i didn’t really smile enough so maybe this time again..” then he thanks his team for the great job that they did.

  6. DC was his team mate for three years. He should’ve known better than to ask him about emotions. 🙂

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