4 thoughts on “Jackie Stewart on 2012 Formula One Racing

  1. Also, one must never forget the work and deeds done by the legendary Jackie Stewart to improve safety in F1 circuits. Without him, I don’t think F1 would be like it is today. Love Live Sir Jackie Stewart and RIP Francois Cevert

  2. I think Stewart retired due to the fact that Francois Cevert was getting faster and faster in every single race, and could even beat the legendary Jackie Stewart. What a shame that we had to lose Francois in Watkins Glen in 1973. I personally think that Jackie wanted to give Francois a chance to finally win the World Championship as he could see Francois’s determination. After all, Jackie said that Francois could have overtaken him twice in 1973 for the win if he had wanted to, but he didn’t.

  3. Come on man, you´r not serious are you? If it was not for Jackie I doubt we would have moved towards such safe race cars of today as fast as we did.. What´s the fun in drivers getting killed from unsafe cars/tracks? These guys are brave beyond what could be asked of them, true heroes if you ask me and Jackie is one of the biggest ever..

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