25 thoughts on “How the Formula 1 Blown Exhausts Sound Like – F1 2011

  1. ok ok ok. all i wanted to know was, which team is using a quieter blown diffuser this year. yes i need a hearing device etc… i just want to know who you think is using a blown diffuser this year. i wasn’t even doubting what you said.

  2. i am still trolling. nothing better to do than try to get the last word on someone that has nothing to back up his own words.

  3. i understand that reading and understanding what you’re reading is difficult for you. so once again, which teams are running a quiet version of a blown diffuser? if you can’t provide a straight answer then it simply means you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  4. I’m just wondering, did all cars including the HRT and Marussia’s have blown diffusers, because the Virgin car didn’t make any popping noise at all??

  5. I’ve watched this video like 5 times…is it weird that I kinda like the EBD sounds? It’s ugly, but it’s all about speed, I love that!

  6. well, which ones? i went to the australian gp and the red bulls don’t sound anything like blown diffuser of 2011. so which ones?

  7. actually/specifically this is off throttle blowing, were gasses pass through the exhaust on the over run as the driver lifts off the throttle… it’s to keep the diffuser exhaust blown when the revs drop….

  8. I’ve been for F1 2010 and 2011 in Singapore. And to me, it will forever remain the loudest car engine I will ever hear. It’s so loud it scared the shit out of me..

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