24 thoughts on “HD SPA | First Time Ever Eye-Level Camera Formula 1 – Lucas di Grassi | Real Driver Point Of View

  1. id like to see a real eye-level cam where u can actually see something in the mirrors other the than side pod

  2. You can not compare that cause these situations happen at completely different speeds.

  3. sa c a psa e belgique oui moi j ai rouler desus avec mon frero 🙂
    il est tro cool

  4. wow this video exploded everywhere. I wonder where most of you people came from obviously there’s not that much subscribers on Luca’s channel.

  5. you’re right. People dont see, that it is just a test-run. It was the outlap under wet conditions.
    Also his camere is “eye-leveld” on the outside of the helmet. Driving with it doesnt make it more easy for the driver!
    I hate those idiots who think this video is crap or sth…

  6. Maybe he doesn’t drive for the best lap or something like that, cause he’s way slow, but great vid.

  7. see the violent correction at 1:25 …. compare to how much was required to do a 90 degree turn at the beginning of the clip when he pulled out of the garage,

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