25 thoughts on “HD | First Time Ever Eye-Level Camera Formula 1 – Lucas di Grassi | Real Driver Point Of View

  1. Lucas has just finished filming a rain version of this camera at Spa for Pirelli a couple of days ago. Expect that epic to be up soon.

  2. I’ve noticed that motorsport features an increasing number of younger family members who get into the sport & carry on the family success- Rosberg, Hill, Villeneuve, Senna etc.

    This only goes to prove my theory that sporting success has nothing whatsoever to do with training, finance or organisational backing, but is ENTIRELY due to genetic inheritance. Why do others even bother to race when they see famous names like this line up against them on the grid?

  3. The legal, Lucas! Corro de kart e sempre me perguntei como era o ponto de vista na F1.
    Metade da altura e o triplo da velocidade!!! Abraço!

  4. I doubt anyone could drive a f1 car without crashing, at that cam it makes it look even harder, hard enough on a game but real life no chance of steering those cars

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