24 thoughts on “Formula One test driver Maria De Villota in hospital with ‘life-threatening injuries’

  1. Here we can see why there should be no women in F1. There are a lot of of quick girls out there, for example in rally, touring-cars and so on. But to be an prof. in F1 it is not enough to be quick, you have to be a driver with excellent, superior skills. So imo this is the point why there are no women in F1. Look at Danica Patrick in ICS , it’s just a hype with women in high-speed-motorsport. And not disrespectful, but driving into an loading-ramp with 50 Kmh on a free track…no comment.

  2. Wrong,read the news on F1,there is now proof that the car was not at fault,she has a rich Daddy and thats the only reason she was in that car.

  3. She would have been just fine, uninjured. All she had to do was STAY IN THE FUCKING KITCHEN WHERE SHE BELONGED.
    Next thing you know they’ll have women piloting spacecraft–
    ooops. *cough*Challenger
    …nevermind ¬__¬

  4. Siento informarte de que no ha quedado en un susto sino que ella esta en estado critico y ha perdido un ojo…

  5. Acer gracia de esto? Seras gilipoyas…. Y encima lo escribe el simpatiko …. Seguro q eres un amargao de la vida fijo

  6. Si tu fueras el que perdiese el ojo seguro que no serias tan simpático. Cretino…

  7. Fuck the parents!!! And also my dog fuck your parents!!! I say what i thing, you dont reverse time and she will be without eye!!! So she will be “One eye bandit”

  8. you idiot!.. how can u say so many stupid things.. im sure u dont have parents… poor bastard ^^

  9. you mother fuckers I wish to see you driving a fucking city car , surely a fuckin asholes. this women here is a professional, and surely if one of you sat on a f1 car, you would shit your pants

  10. I’m sorry but being a woman and a blonde too and driving an F1 car is asking for trouble.

  11. The typical woman confused the accelerator with the brake pedal and drove under the trailer. Women to the kitchen and washing dishes and not to drive. Now she get a new nick name “One eye bandit”

  12. why do people hate her she crashed maybe coz woman maybe car who knows but wish her well she has now only an eye left

  13. There is now an overwhelming case for canopies for F1 Cars. The technology could be electronic like jet fighters for driver extraction or manual. How many more F1 Drivers need to suffer like Maria and Felipe and Ayrton back in 1994 and potentially Michael Schumacher in his Mercedes and that Force India on top of his car and that Lotus on top of a HRT and potentially risking safety there before the FIA accelerate the research to help protect these brave drivers that do this spectacular sport.

  14. No im not showing any respect for you! I was just making a joke, i hope she gets better fast! Dont go judging people you dont know!

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