25 thoughts on “Formula One – Explained

  1. Go to Germany, you can drive a Formula 1 car in Nürburing 🙂 It’s not
    cheap, but it looks like an unique experience

  2. The vast majority of the principles still apply to bikes. Though
    realistically I don’t have the time for another channel. I may do a
    playlist on bikes eventually.

  3. You will make it one day! When I was in Spain a F40 passed by while I was
    outside at a bar. One of the greatest moments ever, such an incredible car.
    Seeing it on the street is always better than a showroom, even if you can
    get up close and check out all the details, there’s nothing like actually
    hearing one drive by. That said, you’ll hear quite a few when you go to
    Maranello! 🙂 Wanted to stop by Bologna and check out Lamborghini as well,
    but it was closed. And Maserati is in Modena.

  4. Awesome! I’m a huge fan. Will you be covering DRS and DDRS and Double Deck
    Diffusers (although it is banned) in the near future?

  5. Much like steering on road cars, it just uses smaller parts. I have a video
    on rack and pinion if you’re interested.

  6. Thank you very much for posting your videos. I am learning a lot about
    enginnering here! I am working on my graduation final papers, about vehicle
    dynamics for F1 race cars, and your videos are very helpful. Thanks a
    lot!!! Keep going, Enginnering Explained!!! Greetings from Brazil!

  7. what course/qualification do you have that allows you to know this, because
    im interested in doing this at university, is it automotive engineering?

  8. The coolant in a formula 1 engine sits at the boiling point of water.
    Operating temperature of the engine and gearbox is phenomenal

  9. do you have the knowledge or would you be able to do a seperate channel on
    motorbike technology? As I’m much more interested in bikes than cars…

  10. The reason it was not called off was because Ratzenburger was taken to the
    hospital asap in order to avoid pronouncing him dead at the track. The
    regulation was a driver had to be pronounced dead at the track, not that he
    died as a result of his crash.

  11. Why did you major in engineering?? Are you working in motorsports. I’m
    thinking about ME. But I’m a high drop out. (got my g.e.d) I’m 30. Do you
    think age is a factor in studying engineering??

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