20 thoughts on “Formula One 2012: The New Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes MP4-27

  1. the car’s all wrong, there using a mercedes tv456 gearbox. And the 786 gearbox. They want 2 use a 8564 frame with these r the lovaly days of my life. I love 2 skip

  2. shit car with shit driver’s. Sack the lot of them. And get in some cheap polish axle grabber’s from calais.

  3. Great looking car. Great team – the best. Great year on tap. Someone in these comments said Lewis needs dreadlocks to go with the beard. It will indeed be a more aggressive and better and look for an F1 champion than the distracting earrings. One’s ears are one’s premier balance mechanisms. Modify the ears in any way, add anything to the ears, and one’s balance suffers. Trust me, for a return to balance, drop the ear studs. F1 needs to get back to the old ban on “bling”.

  4. I’m glad the blown diffuser is banned. That burbling noise the cars made sounded harsh.

  5. hahahaha epic post bro i cant wait to see testing now and next month the season starts yeaaaaa

  6. Great work McLarent, gorgeous lines, the best looking McLaren since the 2005 car.

    Shorter wheelbase, proper cooling inlets, the sidepods are like a wing at first before swooping down. The sidepods aren’t as tight as last years RB in tucking into the floor, but look good.

    Should be a fast car, provided that rear downforce is clawed back, which was the problem with the ’09-’11 cars, before they solved the blown-diffuser.

  7. There is huge changes, a lot of new features teams are already looking at from this car just because the paint job is the same doesn’t mean there isn’t much changes.

  8. Hamilton all the way… and cant wait until 2013 to see the New York City Grand Prix 🙂

  9. MP4-27.. I have a few words for you. ive put my faith in you.. and a substantial amount of money on you to carry the two great drivers to there 2nd drivers championships. and MCLAREN to the constructors championship. if you fail me I will be left broken hearted and out of pocket.. so this is what i have to say to you… GO GO GO LIKE SHIT OFF A SHOVEL..

  10. i love the dig jenson took at the other teams haha the mclaren is possibly one of the few cars this season that wont look fucking ugly because of the new nose regulation, ferraria sauber and caterham have all said there cars aren’t going to look nice this season because of it just glad mclaren found a way around it, made me chuckle this season could possibly have some of the worst looking f1 cars of all time.

  11. That car looks just amazing fast !!!! Hamilton will be the champion of 2012 !!!!
    And that nose looks nice as well !!! Not that peace of shit platypus nose whitch caterham has 🙂

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