25 thoughts on “Formula One 2012: The New Scuderia Ferrari F2012

  1. Listen to me everybody they taking new rules for the front wing & rear wing like how much width & length & also for the engine they have certain number of cylinders & how much cc

  2. Good question…I might have to cheer McClaren this year for defending the honor of F1!

  3. but what should they do ? if you build a car you look at the informations of the last car and maybe they can’t build the car like mclaren i mean THEY CAN’T cHANGE EVERYTHING. i think it’s the only way to have a legal car for f1 and to be near to last year’s car.
    i hope you understand what i mean my english is not the best ^^’ by thy way: it’s only the nose so i think it’s ok

  4. Ferrari’s approach will allow them more room to develop than McLaren’s. The Ferrari is more aggressive (not as pretty), but if its faster, no-one will care! The rear exhausts on the McLaren are ugly, may change for the first race tho…? Bring on the launch of the Red Bull!

  5. I love the silence after they lift the cover. Last year people were applauding when the car was exposed 🙂 And I like the fact that every single member of Ferrari are really apologetic. “We did our best. We wanted a fast car. It is not our fault. There is no such a thing as ugly car”.

    But shit they take will be less intense after it is revealed a couple of more teams, especially Red Bull used the same ugly nose.

  6. Alonso, “well it looks very different than what we have seen”.. a more PR friendly way of saying it looks like shit.. lmao

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