25 thoughts on “Formula One 2011 by Codemasters Review

  1. Lol @ 2:45 – Anyone notice anything? It’s the infamous wheel lag bug. God damn it Codemasters 😛

  2. The headaches involved with this game once you start using multi monitors just isn’t worth it. omg, the problems I had trying to get this POS to run… just to get it to remember the aspect ratio of eyefinity.

  3. you have triple monitors guys, why don’t you play on authentic fov settings with it? may be way more immersive

  4. What about minorities? When they invent their own sport, then maybe game developers will represent them.

  5. umm the game was actually released before that gp so they had to guess where drs zone will be located same with monza game has 1 drs zone while real life had 2

  6. no the location is wrong…
    the DRS zone in the 2011 singapore grand prix was the straight after turn 5

  7. my only gripe in this game is the DRS zone in Singapore….
    some may object….but come on…
    the location is just wrong….

  8. 24:40 that be cool to start at gp3 then gp2 to f1. Though Id still want formula Renault world series over gp3 lol

  9. 24:43 thats the only thing am hoping for in F1 2012, starting up in GOKART and work your way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. just asking if you guys are going to Austin, Texas for the f1 race this year. it would be a hell of an experience

  11. Do you even know the difference between the two? You wouldn’t even notice unless you had two TVs next to each other and you were a feet away. PC graphics aren’t better because of that. They are better because PCs are a lot more powerful.

  12. the graphic is allways better on xbox and pc, with 1080p, ps3 is 1080i and that sucks

  13. true, they bit me with F12010 and I’ve not had any time for them since, checking this review just to see if i’ve been too harsh, but I feel I was right holding out for rFactor 2

  14. I have Tried it After a 2 Month Brake FF Enviroment all over 10% Feels like driving a Train

  15. This game on the PS3 is a major dis. Framerate issues, lousy AI referee system and graphics are sub par. I played F1 2006 by Studio Liverpool the other day and even that had better graphics and sound than codemasters rendition almost 5 yrs later!

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