11 thoughts on “Formula 1 | Mercedes Petronas testing in Barcelona/Catalunya 2012 | HD

  1. I’m Schumi supporter since 1992. 20 years gone and I’m still enjoy watching Schumi driving a F1 car!!

  2. Yes man..auto123.com/en/racing-news/f1-mercedes-wing-innovation-called-w-duct?artid=140816. Have read about W – Duct…. Lets hope it works out well….

  3. Lets hope that… I will be happier than Ross brawn if Mercedes wins the championship 2012…..

  4. Lool obviously he’s being sarcastic since they just created the new inovative design called the W – Duct google it

  5. Still W03 not good to challenge red bull – Said by Ross brawn himself….. Shit, When will you produce a good enough car..

  6. i think not, i guess after exiting the pits you can go full throttle if you want to make the whole track, sometimes in testing a shortcut may be taken, that is why you hear reducing the gears so fast.

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