24 thoughts on “Formula 1 comes to America! – Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas

  1. You forget something. Yes maybe in Germany. This is The United States Of America. They dont give a fuck. 😀

  2. I found a butterfly on the road, he didn’t have wings. ): I poured Redbull on him and he drowned.

  3. Hard to belive, formula 1 cars are very expensive and they just drive it offroad like that?

  4. That’s I was thinking, It’s not the fact i didn’t know he was driving, as that is kind of obvious,It is the fact I didn’t think they still had him/permitted him to drive their cars?? :L

  5. yeah its also not his 2008 car… it looks more like one of the new ones, the 2008 had a shorter rear wing

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