25 thoughts on “Formula 1 2013 | A new season is coming

  1. Yes, its time for Fernando to show the other drivers what is needed to keep the Red Bulls at bay.

  2. The new season of f1 begun today!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed the Australian GP!!! Raikonen, Alonso and Vettel! Ferrari and lotus came very powerfully this year instead 2011 and 2012 and i’m very glad for them! Well done guys, keep up the good work!

  3. “I can go much faster than him so DO something”- Sebastian Vettel
    Sometimes Vettel can get front-wing from teammate and he can please RBR not to be overtaken by teammate.

    He is politician , not racer.

  4. Would love Lotus,Mercedes, Mclaren and Ferrrari to be the main competitors next year Red Bull bore me.

  5. Nice job!! We may have our favorites, but they are all our heros…Heres to an incredible season!

  6. i m a Mclaren freak and i really love your video man i don t hate any driver and any teams i respect them
    never hate your enemie it affects your judgment i love formula 1 great job keep it up!

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