24 thoughts on “Formula 1 2012 Spain Race Highlights HD

  1. Ur video is awesome.i shared it on fb.but u didnt included the part where alonso overtakes kimmi. :/

  2. I have a suggestion though, like you mix the radio conversations, it would be really cool if you fade out the song in between for some V8 flybys.

  3. Your edits are just absolutely stunning!!! AC/DC and F1 just go so well together!!! Love it!!!

  4. what the hell with the music… do I need this crappy music instead of some decent commentary???

  5. Man, your videos are really cool i’m a huge fan of formula one and i enjoy the race edit videos

  6. It’s funny because i was actually in Sant Cugat, just outside barcelona near tibidabo on a school trip when the race was on. On T.v you dont realise how loud the cars are, we could hear the race even though we were about 20km away!.

  7. Absolutely stupid idea.
    A driver is trained to drive fast. Not to do it without seeing anything.
    Not only would it be a stupid test of skills that are worthless in real racing, but also very dangerous.
    We could just as well have blindfolded soccer players. How fun would that really be?
    It would certainly not be a test of who is the best football player that is for sure.

  8. My cousin works in sports promotion in the US, & is currently trying to push the idea of ‘Blind Motorsport’. The idea is for the drivers to be blindfolded for various parts of the race (maybe alternate laps).

    She reckons it would be a real test of the drivers’ skill, & various governing bodies’ members are getting behind in a big way! Obviously speed would be reduced, but there would be more entertaining crashes as well. Dunno, what does anyone else think?

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