25 thoughts on “Formula 1 2011 06 Monaco GP Sebastian Vettel Onboard Pole Position Lap

  1. nad dont forget now the winter sports! germany is comparable with spain in summer sports (swimming and high diving germany is very better) but in winter sports germany is one of the most succesful sport nations too. Tell me one other country which is as succesfull in winter AND summer sports as germany…

  2. I said “one of the most successful sporting nations”. F1 not, they have Alonso thats all, and he won the last times not the champion chip. We have Glock, Hulkenberg, Rosberg, Schumacher, Vettel….In soccer jap spain is the best nation, but germany are nearly on the same lvl. (2006: bad luck, 2008: final 2010: England 4:1, Argentina 4:0…) cycling — who the fk cares xD and tennis pff okey they have nadal, but if you would count the number of spain and german player in top100, germany got more

  3. Vettel’s car was miles faster, everybody knows that! And if u wanna talk about sporting success see spain, the r at the top in all major sports, f1, football, cycling and tennis

  4. yap, cause webber is a good race driver too. But last year you can see that a high skilled driver like webber -with the same car! – had no chance vs a vettel. But its okey. Its like the Klitschko brothers in boxing (they are ukrainian but are fighting for the german sport association): “They destroy this sport!” and “Vettel got only a overpowered car!”… Finally accept the fact that Germany is one of the most successful sporting nations. Swimming, boxing , handball, soccer, racing, riding…

  5. “I guess u r right, the best 2 know how fast and good is an f1 driver is through seeing them drive some road cars ” ? Yap, Sebastian drive F1, road cars, sport cars and is every time the fastest. And Alonso stfu. A ferrari racer who criticize another car, how ridiculous. I think you are britain so watch?v=N-S5VKAP3vk&feature=related

  6. I guess u r right, the best 2 know how fast and good is an f1 driver is through seeing them drive some road cars -.- . BTW Albuquerque won in 2010 u dick! Mate last year´s red bull was so dominant that in the first race it gave 0.8 of a second to Hamilton! Sebastian is good but that Red bull was so dominant it was ridiculous, and the only reason why webber wasn´t always on top was because he had some troubles, specially with the new pirellis

  7. lol look last year webber — every race 2. ? of courese not ?! and ferrari and mclaren were in an inferior position,,,,, for sure not !!,… And by the way look the last 5 episodes of race of champions: Same cars and who won..hmhmhmh…. SEBASTIAN VETTEL..

  8. As said by Alonso, his titles were down to the car, and specially last year, where the red bull was miles faster. The best is Alonso, and I´m a massive Hamilton fan

  9. Here’s the ultimate difference. Americans have a low attention span, so they have to have a lot of scoring and spectacular crashes to keep them entertained. That’s why football/soccer has never caught on, that’s why Formula One has also never really caught on. Formula One celebrates driver skill, granted; NASCAR does too, but more people go to see NASCAR races to see a crash and the fireworks between the drivers.

  10. yap, the last 2 times world champion, but not the current best driver…last season new pole position record….amateur

  11. I would literally just shit myself doing that, but be so buzzing it wouldn’t matter

  12. HAHA Lol XD … your comment made me piss my pant… me too … i will lose my concentration after the 4th corner…

  13. It’s amazing how they don’t crash more often. They just can’t afford to lose their concentration at all or they’ll end up in a wall, and yet they do this like 80 laps straight.

    I’d be after like 1/2 laps thinking “Damn, I wonder if I left my motorhome unloc…” BKAUW!!

  14. I completed this game on the hardest setting and was faster then the guy in this clip. Also you should increase your detail level if you wanna show off your clips!

  15. They do, just don’t use them often, the on board cam footage is much clearer, helmet cam is too shaky.

  16. HEY watch my channell i have Alonso pole lap in Monaco in Mclren,you can’t find it anywere

  17. What is wrong with Ferrari? Or are you just being a 12 year old fan boy faggot? Ferrari has made ALOT of technological innovations in racing and they have some of the highest passion for cars. Grow up.

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