17 thoughts on “Formula 1 1984 Monaco Grand Prix (Original BBC Broadcast)

  1. Ayrton Senna SHOULD have won this race!!! Bloody Jacky Icxyx, the clerk of the course who accepted Prost’s advice to stop this race. Another lap and it would have been Senna’s.

  2. you said “Nikki Lada was so good. so sad he passed away”. I assumed you meant that Lauda had passed away, sorry for the misunderstanding….

  3. “i imagine in the cockpit it is absolutely unimaginable.” got to love murray walker

  4. tinha apenas um ano de idade na ocasiao,porem escutava muito sobre essa corrida,pra mim vendo ela por inteira agora o SENNA e o bellof chegariam no prost mas saber quem ganharia e complicado o bellof estava muito rapido e bastante consistente na corrida……..daria SENNA ou bellof?fica a duvida!!!!!OBRIGADO porostar uma grande corrida exelentes pilotos na epoca.

  5. lol, watering the track, reminds me of grass-track racing in the summer, if they didn’t water it you couldn’t see shit for dust.

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