23 thoughts on “Ferrari F1 V10 vs V12 EPIC Sounds!

  1. V12 for sure, although it squeals more i prefer the old sounds, before i was even born;)

  2. Can you just tall them to bring it to your garage and leave it there? haha It is their car is it not?

  3. Marchettino, i’m not too sure it is F2005, the 2005 had the new spec rear wing which was very much wider/longer than this one, also, those side pods look to be the ones on the F2003, let me know what you think bud 🙂

  4. AND…. u pay for a toy that u even cant take to ur home.
    if u want to play u have to call Ferrari and they will bring
    it to your favorite racetrack… if u have still enough cash 😉

  5. Thats 1 Loud engine~
    Not Deep Loud like the Ferrari or Lamborghini..
    Most my Fav is Koniegseeg~ <3

  6. Brings back memories of when I first saw F1 on tv 🙂 2004 at Monza, those V10s have such a unique sound. The V8s now just sound so boring compared to this. Thanks again marchettino for bring a smile to my face.

  7. im so pissed that the fia is making all the teams use fucking v6s the v10 cars were sooooo fast

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