25 thoughts on “Ferrari California – Lemon Demon Team – Tor Poznan 2011

  1. Sorry, for real car freaks, it’s really far more crucial to hear the engine talk than the music

  2. There is an in-depth road test and review of the California here:

    definitiveautoreview . com/road-tests/ferrari/11-ferrari-california/

  3. Sat through a 5 second advert before the clip, only to find someone with really bad taste in music and driving a black car round a track..
    Youtube i missed u sooooooo much.

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  5. The odds are very good that he doesn’t own that California. And you don’t want to be that guy who crashes someone else’s Ferrari.

  6. love the Ferrari, but I go green now. No longer race on-ground, I race on-line now, see:

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