25 thoughts on “F1 Spa 2004 – Juan Pablo Montoya Ragged Action!

  1. omg they are racing not saving tyres!!!!!! what is this shit?? omg montoya
    does an overtake without drs, wtf are these people on ice?

  2. Real cars, real driving, real passing, real racing. No development
    freezes, rev-limits, and none of that DRS “Push to Pass” bullshit. Really
    miss these days.

    F1’s gone full-retard.

  3. montoya is such a beast! r. schumacher was always my favourite driver and
    montoya was the first teammate wqho could beat him. and i freakin hated him
    for that 😀 i was like 10 years back then, but those memories :’)

  4. I wish BMW would return to Gran Prix racing… The turbos they ran in the
    80’s were amazing… 

  5. I like soft and hard tyres, it creates interesting strategies, but i miss
    those old cars and refueling, expect cars should be more equal instead of
    just 1 or 2 teams racing each others and worst teams are awful. 

  6. Wow. listen to that sound. If someone send to me 10 years ago that we would
    have 1.6l v6 engines I’d laugh at them

  7. Todays Formula 1 is shit compared to 20-25 years ago, teres no more epic
    battles between great drivers and the greatest machines, Lewis Hamilton? in
    my personal opinión he is nothing compared to what pilots were, he got
    skill? yes, but formula 1 cars of today are very easy compared to before,
    today assist in everything, what are they gonna include next 4 CILYNDERS
    ENEGINES???, BREAKING ASSIST????, and people still dare to say the Formula
    1 is still awesome but let me tell you that really appreciate motorsport as
    an sport and also as an art would never, never! dare to say the Formula 1
    is so exiting, competitive, and beautiful as before, Vettel, Hamilton,
    Maldonado, Massa they can all suck my dick, Hail Mansell, Senna,
    Schumacher, Prost, Fittipaldi, Piquet, Hakkinen, Graham Hill, Jim Clark,
    Jackie Ickx, Jackie Stewart, Francois Severt, Lauda, James Hunt!

  8. This reminds me of the good old days. FIA and FIM for that matter are
    trying to turn racing into a farm that they control rather than the wild
    beast it truly is. They want kid stars they train from very young ages to
    create lasting stars with 10 to 15 years at the top in them left(instead of
    letting in older racers they wont license that could wildcard and beat
    them). With the teams they want to that buy their way in to have the
    advantage. Now they have decided formula 1 no longer needs to be formula 1
    that the cover is faster than the engine(this is why I switched to MotoGP
    in recent years but I admit its much like watching F1 in the 00s Ferrari
    and Honda always win) that electronics for steering(senna, no skill to
    drive at the tires limit now its microstutters on a traction control),
    downforce(now even this is being limited), and new green technologies that
    dont make the car overall faster all while pushing engine size and power
    down to that of a pea. Niki Lauda is right all of these things are true
    and the kid drivers who are cocksure they would always win f1, always make
    money, always have a secure life, have no personality or charisma and pale
    in comparison to earlier drivers. Formula 1 used to be about no limits.
    Frankly if I was in charge and what seems to kill most drivers is not cars
    and the speeds they travel at but small tight tracks with WALLS(I DUNNO
    close to the track edge. The solution expand the runoff zones of the
    tracks you fucking morons and make car catching safety features a priority(
    the most cost effective solution would be shallow ponds(2 feet?) but if a
    car flips this could create a situation where a driver could drown) and
    bring back our howling engines that hit you in the chest like fighter jets.
    Engines including turbos(6L seems small to me for something called Formula
    1 at least multiple turbos….),aerodynamics and downforce, tire
    manufacturer, electronics…. ecu, sensors, everything should be totally
    unrestricted. Ultimately I think europe is scared because if it did most
    likely the Japanese would own their ass. Makes you wonder why Honda never
    makes a supercar…… they probably already know who the best is………
    Still it seems silly to me F1 is being nerfed into non F1 when its
    obviously the most recent driver deaths including Senna are from hitting
    concrete walls and not necessarily be cars(which in something like F1 that
    evolves can never be expected to be perfect every time).

  9. this was more a Great pilot not had much success in F1. THIS INCREASES MY
    much more than that.

  10. bad ass video. back when formula one was, was awesome. v10s revving out of
    there mind. not this rev/fuel limited crap of now a days

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