25 thoughts on “F1 RACE STARS — “Over the Top” announcement video

  1. And so you should! :-)´╗┐ Who doesn’t love Lightening McQueen??? Well, mixed feelings about Francesco Bernoulli though… ­čśë

  2. if codemasters can pull off this level of fidelty on PC which i know is possible,´╗┐ (just look at project cars) then i will defnitely have to get this game ^_^ it would almost be like playing a pixar movie O_O.

  3. Yepp, there are´╗┐ people behind this channel, just like there are people behind the tv screens every other weekend, going through emotional rollercoasters while they follow the races just like we do. We are wll aware of that. There wouldn’t be ‘us’ without ‘you’ guys.

    All the best from Hinwil, Switzerland!

  4. wow, I was not expecting´╗┐ to see the actual Sauber channel commenting on a video. Nice to see a team actually communicating with us, great job guys ­čÖé

  5. Absolutely amazing and adorable! Well done, Codemasters! Check out our facebook´╗┐ page /sauberf1team for an exlcusive preview of how Kamui, Checo and the Sauber C31-Ferrari will look.

  6. LOL! Correct. F1 RACE STARS for the fun and to play with your girlfriend, kids or even grandma, and F1 2012 for´╗┐ all you tekkies, purists and racing nerds out there, for those more lonesome hours… ­čÖé We love this game already! Can’t wait till November.

  7. They’ve said that they also working in GRID 2 at the moment, but still zero information, perhaps until´╗┐ next year.

  8. I don’t know. Never played Dirt too much as it’s arcade rally games for players´╗┐ who don’t really care about rally.

  9. mario kart and f1 together. sounds great, might just have to buy this. i like my more focused games (F1 2011), but you gotta love mario kart. Hope they do driver specific power-ups´╗┐ and items, and play on some of the personalities of the drivers.

  10. Fair enough, I see your point, I´╗┐ thought you meant the whole sport, haha. Yeah, you’re right about the rivalry between the teams, and how that could be exploited using satire comedy.

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