25 thoughts on “F1 Race Stars Announcement Trailer

  1. I think the track they show is the Circuit of the Americas. That corner that rises so high could represent Turn 1. Just slightly steeper.

  2. Oh no!.. This is exactly what EA did right before they lost the contract to NASCAR! I bet you can throw banana peels! Do we really need another Mario Kart clone?

  3. Why am I racist?

    I would employ that you are the racist bastard for thinking in that context.

  4. Codemasters and F1 are trying to attract kids to F1.
    Don’t take this seriously guys. It’s not meant to be

  5. I hope being called “stars” it has people like Nigel Mansell in it.

    Fucking despise Hamilton.

  6. People need to realise is is just a fun cheap version and stop moaning, theyll have had a different team working on this so it’s not as if its took time out of f1 2012, jeez relax guys!

  7. …The fuck is this shit. I swear, if 2012 comes out full of bugs that take three months to patch, when time and resources are going on stuff like this, there will be hell to pay. Do the licence justice before you start making throwaway nonsense ffs.

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