25 thoughts on “F1 Game 2012 – Am I a bad driver?

  1. You’re not a bad driver. Those idiots in multiplayer who have no patience and think it is a demolition derby are the bad drivers. I am just now getting back into the game after a six month hiatus because of the idiots who cannot stand to be passed. Notice I did not say noob. A noob is a person new to a game, but many of those idiots I mentioned are simply players with broomsticks up their ass who play constantly, and they wreck anyone out just for daring to be on the track.

  2. ok mate, can u please send me the link for torrent for f1 2012 please i so want to play..thank you

  3. LOL if he is the worst then what are all those idiots who ram you off the track ALL THE MOTHERFUCKIGN TIME?! Those idiots that aggressively charge your inside and fucking destroy your car or ruin your race???

  4. You had the race line, the red bull was rejoining, he had to let you go. But third one was fair 😉

  5. In the campaign, I got a penalty for getting T-Boned by Kobayashi on the 2nd corner on Catalunya. Wankers.

  6. You overtook a Red Bull while in a Toro Rosso and got a Penalty. Definitely Helmut Marko was involved.

  7. You are a horrendous driver, but somehow you’re still better than everyone you play against

  8. Codemasters should really work on the penalty system coz some of ny friends have dropped playing the game because of it

  9. The Welsh gentleman should have been penalised for weaving, although if codemasters ever implement that into the game you’ll probably get a penalty for deviating from the racing line.

  10. you have to back off when there’s not enough room to pass without taking him out…the sauber did not come back on track…he was there already

  11. you are the best driver. you can’y be first because some idiots smash your car

  12. My theory is the penalties go on throttle position, ie full throttle shunt = penalty, no throttle shunt but high speed = no penalty but its in comparison to person who you crash into or been crashed into etc

  13. You’re not a bad driver, but you could definitely use some tips. The main thing I notice is when you approach a turn, you slow down. What you actually want to do is accelerate and run directly into the car’s in front of you. The game will sympathise with your superior skill and penalise other drivers, giving you a guaranteed spot in front of them.

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