24 thoughts on “F1 British GP (Silverstone) 2012 Kamui Kobayashi Pit Stop Crash

  1. its not his fault and it as just unlucky for him to lock his worn out tires and the pit crew are aware there is a risk of collision as they signed up because cars are in at 40/60 mph depending the track and they are very close to the car.

    If you think thats dangerous, look at malvanado for williams,,,,just drives into other people and use his car as a weapon

  2. Crew are ok, and they are coming back next race. Kami Koba locking the front right wheel, what a Kamikaze….

  3. I got some clips on my channel from the race that I recorded myself sitting at club corner. Please take a look.

  4. @openwheelracecar you are wrong, Maldonado got 10000 and a reprimand, which is more serious than just a 25000 fine.

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