25 thoughts on “F1 2014 – 06 Monaco GP – Post-Qualifying: Ant and Johnny’s big discussion

  1. Nico knew exactly what he was doing

    Hamilton knows it
    the F1 know it
    I know it
    you know it


  2. If a black man did this, it would be cheat.That’s the world we live in.
    Face it.

  3. This is what I call F1 coverage. I wish I could get Sky Sports UK here in
    the States. NBC is so unbelievable bad with their coverage. I got spoiled
    back in Germany with RTL and Premiere… now I gotta live with this NBC
    crap. +NBC Sports 

  4. Indecision is the word they don’t use and it’s what fills the gaps and his
    outbraking manoeuvre the lock-up and the way he eventually dodged the
    barriers but all in all the desperate bit is the quick reversing.

  5. All I know is tomorrow Lewis is gonna throw the car at him, and if he
    doesn’t get out of the way, they’re gonna crash.

    Lewis is fucking pissed.

  6. Rosberg didn’t make this mistake before, the first time when he did this
    mistake was after making the pole position and just before the end of the
    qualification when Lewis was going to make a better lap.
    Then during the race he didn’t make this mistake again during 78 laps with
    the pressure of Lewis behind him.
    So that is 2 good operations at the same time for him, he won the race and
    he takes the 1 place of the world championship.
    Rosberg did this mistake only one time and at the best moment for him then
    after no mistake.

  7. There would be no debate if Nico was British and Lewis was German… If
    Nico wins everything from here on, then he will be labelled a cheat. If
    Lewis wins everything then he would be labelled a great. Sod this.

  8. I often enjoy listening to British commentators in all kind of sports. They
    are often very knowledgeable about the sport and the techniques of
    commenting. But the often ill covered nationalism can spoil it. A bit of
    nationalism is expected but to comment the same exact situation totally
    different depending on who does it gets tiresome. This incident leading to
    frame by frame “investigation” to find a guilty part that will be the
    reason why Hamilton could not take pool position is beyond anything I’ve
    seen. It’s laughable. And I’m not even German. I wonder how they see all

  9. Ahh let the stewards judge, plus we have the race which counts most. Even
    if qualifying is probably the most important of the season at Monaco
    because it is almost impossible to pass..there is still many variables that
    can happen. So I’m hoping for incident like a Vettel/Webber in Turkey
    crossed fingers!!!(so long as no driver gets hurt)

  10. I watched the replay many times frame by frame. As he is trying to slow the
    car down with the rear locking and then the front as he approaches and
    passes turn in, you can clearly see him attempting to get the front to bite
    and turn in and it looks to me like he was making every effort to get the
    car on line and make the turn until the very last moment before he had to
    abort. Rosberg is a class guy and I’ve never seen him do anything
    unsporting on track and I don’t believe cheating is his nature. Whether he
    reversed or not is irrelevant because the yellow was out before he even
    stopped the car. 

  11. Whether it was on purpose or not we were robbed of a real down to the wire
    qualifying. And at Monaco it’s all about qualifying. Lewis is pissed
    because he knows he had more in him, it’s what everyone wanted to see.

  12. Blatant from Rosberg, totally unnatural line, braking point and steering

    He knew he’d screwed the lap at Rivage and Casino, I think he was trying to
    do what Davidson suggests and plonk it into the wall but he didnt get
    enough lock up, instinct took over and he ‘escape roaded’ it. And then to
    frantically reverse, why?

    There really is no debate for me, unprovable yes but obvious, very
    unusually bad analysis from davidson, he’s normally on the money, perhaps
    this is why he never made it as a driver

  13. heavily agreeing with the older bloke. why is j herbert defending rosberg
    like that? hell its not the end of the world, nico just showed some balls
    and that got him pole. they are f1 racers they can calculate risks and know
    when to take em. i still like him as a driver, hamilton did some
    risky/unfair driving in the past too. damn its a passionate sport.

  14. typical british media, their bias just turns them into a complete joke.

    no wonder theres so many tabloids over there.

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