25 thoughts on “F1 2013 – McLaren MP4 28 Launch New Car

  1. Perez my current favorite driver will get at least 1 win in this car even if he turns out to be a number 2 driver. Every race he will be leading and threatening to win. I’m going to have a good year. Hamilton wanted a new challenge and that was his reason for leaving. If you said that my retired original favorite driver Nick Heidfeld should have been in the car you would win your augment that someone else should have been in that car

  2. What makes you think that the 2009 world champion and Alonso’s rear view mirror driver are not that good?

  3. I lost barrachello to firing. I lost Bobby Labonte to firing and age. I lost nick heidfeld to firing. I lost Paul Tracy to age and firing. I lost fisichella to age and firing. Patrese and frentzen will win no more I lost every driver I was ever a fan of due to time since I started watching racing in 1999 Sergio Perez has given me hope of being a new driver I like that now is in the best team peiod Perez could win races and a championship in that car for me Good Luck Mclaren. I’m Watching

  4. Have to say that car doesn’t look that pretty than thought it should had.. clearly a evolution maybe a good thing though

  5. I’m pretty sure this car is the class of the field, too bad it won’t look like it since they don’t have the drivers with the skills to push the cars to its limits…

    To those who say drivers don’t matter in F1, this Mclaren will show you that it does.

    2013 Mclaren best car + Average drivers = No championship

  6. Only diffrence i notice is that the nose got a touch of the 2011 nose and that the steering wheel might be diffrent.

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