25 thoughts on “Dramatic start of the Formula one 2001 Kuala Lumpur Grand Prix

  1. FULE HOSE !!! Oh the Nostalgy))) to tell, the truth Fueling At pits is the thing i miss the most

  2. you must be really young… these times were the worst in F1 history, it was pretty boring, since you knew, that MS will win, no matter what happened 🙂 i like MS but that times the F1 was about as exciting as watching grass grow 🙂 Its actually only a bit better nowadays, but the best races i remember were around the time when senna, prost, and mansell were killing each other, those days there was wheel to wheel racing, the cars could handle bumps, and the drivers were plain crazy 🙂

  3. Better than 30 cars parading around the track for two hours? Yes.
    I agree with you on the tire issue though, they are a bit too unreliable at the moment but the teams seem to be getting a firm grip on how to handle them at this point. Yes, some of the overtakes are a bit lame but we also see some truly exciting overtaking and dramatic races. Quite regularly we have people coming from lousy gridpositions and still challenging for solid points/podiums. That is good.

  4. They thought Safety Car wouldn’t come in until the track was not flooded = more suitable for intermediates. Their bet was right, so they could climb up to the lead once the green flag was waved.

  5. Intermediates on the Ferrari? 17:54 They have gone mad or what? It is pouring in this video

  6. These were the worst years of the sport. The cars were so good that very little was left up to the driver and overtaking was almost impossible. In the video we have here almost no overtaking moves are attempted, while if this was 2012 Maldonado would have knocked at least three people out of the race by the 30 minute mark. Free reigns for the engineers = bad for the sport.

  7. these are pussier, these had traction control, launch control, ABS. that’s all banned now. and the cars nowadays don’t have as much downforce.

  8. this is the real F1 and these are the real F1 cars, not those pussy cars nowdays.

  9. They tested the inters in the off season, while other teams didn’t and they knew how much they could handle.

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